Alexa Skills - an easy way to increase your sales


How Alexa skills can be beneficial for you business?

Alexa for Business from Amazon Web Services allows companies to use Alexa on the job, to provide Alexa device management, to register users, and to assign competences on the scale. Use the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa for business apis to develop intelligent and customized abilities and make them accessible to companies as personal abilities.

Organizations can provide shared Alexa phones for everyone to use in common fields around the workplace as well as private Alexa devices for staff to use with Alexa for Business. Alexa can simplify meeting rooms and assist around the office with shared tools, and anyone can access them. Alexa’s personal phones allow consumers to be more productive all day long, at job or at home.


What's in it for you?

Build Public or Private Skills

You can create your own abilities with the Alexa Skills Kit. Alexa for Business lets you decide, without publishing them at Alexa Skills Store, to make these accessible to the shared devices and registered users in an Alexa for Business account.

Access Alexa for Business APIs

Alexa for Business provides extra APIs that you can use to contextualize your competencies. This allows you to develop competencies in certain places such as automation measures in meeting rooms or in building lobbies to control machinery.

Manage Enrolled Users

Alexa for Business allows organisations to invite customers to register their private Amazon account with their Alexa for Business account. This allows them to continue to use the Alexa abilities they have already allowed in their private Amazon account, as well as the job abilities supplied by their organisation on any of their devices, at job or at home.

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