Deploy Springboot API and MYSQL Database for Android App.

You already know that developing the Spring Boot APIs is amazingly easy. Yet your API isn’t complete without a UI, isn’t it? Well, building Android UIs is also pretty easy, especially if you know Android App Development.

MYSQL Database

MySQL is a structured SQL-Structured Query Language database management system. The software is used for a variety of purposes such as data storage, e-commerce, and logging. The most growing use of MySQL is for a web server.

Install MySQL database server in RDS OR Server and connect to the workbench create database.

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Allow the user grant permissions to read and write the database.

Spring Boot API

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring-based Applications that you can “just run” on. We take an opinionated view of the Spring project and third-party libraries to get you started with minimal fuss. Most Spring Boot applications need a very small Spring configuration.

The following are the main Mapping Annotations for the endpoints to perform CRUD Operations.

Get: This interface contains the way to perform a Get method. GetMapping: The GetMapping interface integrates the RequestMapping interface, which can perform the Get method in earlier Spring versions by using the “route, value, parameters, headers” method.

Post: This is an interface that contains the path of the endpoint used to perform the Post method.

Put: This is an interface that contains the path of the endpoint to perform the Put to Update method.

Delete: This is an interface that contains the path of the endpoint to perform the Delete method.

Spring Data REST will help you create REST endpoints, configure the Spring Boot to allow CORS, and develop an Android app to view your data. Create file for configuration like database connection. Connect the database to spring-boot with the IP of the MySQL server in file, and can be seen in which port spring boot app should work and a lot of configuration can be seen in

Go to and change the connection settings for Database. Change username and password.

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Build whole project with maven.


If Database configuration is good then it will show build is success. If not build will fail.

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Now the maven has created the package target directory of that project. it will create a WAR or JAR file that depends on how it configured. Run the spring-boot with java in the server.

If you having a running a web application that uses spring-boot then you can use the same API to an Andriod app.

Android App:

The creation of Android software is the process of creating new applications for devices running the Android operating system. Android software development kit, “Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages,” other languages can also be used.

Make sure you have prepared your code for the Google Play Store. After that build APK(Android Application Package).Deploy the signed APK on google play console, to release the app.

To deploy the app to production, need account for google play console. With that account can deploy apps with no limit. While building it needs to build signed APK.Apk free from APK Debug otherwise it will make errors in Google play console.

Login into Google play console. And click on create application.

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Here it will ask you for some details like Title, Short Description, and Full Description, Graphic assets like Screenshot, videos to prompt app.

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After that just upload Signed APK for Production.

Generally, it will take 48 hours to review the app to come into production.

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