Evolution of front end: Part 2 “The Origin of Front-End”​

The first part was all about the introduction to this series, why and what made front end development this evolved like it is today and the nature of front-end.

How it all started?

Well, the beginning of front-end design was like an internet browser shootout, with front-end developers playing the role of sheriff. And the World Wide Web was a place without any law, where different browsers had different set of formats for any basic feature. 

On the other hand, on the software side, new software’s were welcomed but with restrictions because the computer systems weren’t capable enough to handle. Anything that worked well was good enough but that didn’t mean it was user-friendly. Moreover, the instant usability was almost unheard of, and the digital stuff came with large and heavy instructions.

And adding to all the above problems, the continued evolution, the modified of the computer power and technology and several other confusing quirks for each system or browser, you had an unbridled mess in front of our front-end development on your hands.

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