Evolution of Front-End:Part 3 “The present scenario of the Front-End”

In our previous post we came to know about the origin or past of Front-End.

Front-end developers has shifted to ensuring that interactive sections are where people think they should be. Front-end has become about intuitive experiences – design that supports the intuitive use of a product or website.

Unlike before, sites and services are getting more easy to use. Modern users are accustomed to instantly understandable design, and good websites and applications have become quick and navigable.

The rise of instant messaging , round the clock service, and faster internet connections has made us a digitally-savvy demographic that craves real-time gratification. With patience on the decline and a drive to personalization on the up, front-end developers are tasked with designing user interfaces that answer our need for immediate gratification

These developers have met this task with designs that put everything we need at the tips of our fingers. Any site or product that isn’t obvious or simple to use at once often causes irritation and swift abandonment. So we now know how much effort is put to reach where we are right now.

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