H-BOT, our offering to the hospitals

We are happy to announce that we have successfully implemented a bot for one of our Hospital Management Application client.It interacts with Patients and Users over a Kiosk and answers to their queries and grievances.This has been a new experience and we are equally thrilled to see the positive feedback from end users.

The H-bot ,which is what we call it, has been built to help the patients with below services

1).Check billing

2).Doctors availability

3).Scheduling Appointments

4).Availing Lab Services

5).Checking the Insurance claim status and Information

6).View bills and raise request for the same

7).Submit feedback

And we will be adding many more services in the upcoming days to our H-bot.

How does the H-bot helps hospitals

1).Reduce Manpower / efficient customer care – With a lot of information available in the system patients and their kith and kins need not reach front desk/Customer Manager every time for information.

2).Paperless/Less paper usage –  Billing and Services details are sent over email to Patients thus reducing the Paper usage.

3).Faster transactions and less wait time for the patients – With appointments and Lab services availed through the H-bot ,billing team is relieved of load, thus less waiting time for the patients in the queue.

4).Claims Administration – We all know how painful it is to check the Insurance claim status and the issues during the claim process.Our bot gives partial solution and we are refining it by integrating it with Machine Learning.

5).Patient Grievance Management – Feedback is always good and it helps in improving a lot of facilities in the hospitals.

Now how did we accomplish it ?

H-bot technology stack is a combination of RPA and AI/ML

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

With our expertise using BluePrism (one of the RPA tool) ,team has developed the bot combining with Machine learning and AI.

This bot interfaces and communicates with internal applications (Database, Mail Server) and External applications(Insurance providers API’s) and provides the information to the users.

AI/ML Techniques

We also applied Machine Learning so that it can answer questions posed ,apart from predefined questions I.e If the questions are asked outside the ones which are in our Knowledge database H-bot can still answer with relevant one if not it will guide the use to the respective departments.

1).Pattern Matching : Using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) text is grouped and pattern is found to give appropriate responses.

2).Natural Language Understanding (NLU) : It helps H-bot to understand the context and expectations of the user questions.

3).Natural Language Processing(NLP) : Using this H-bot converts user input into a structured data to search relevant answer from the Knowledge database.

In case you are interested please reach us out for the Demo.

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