How to develop Alexa Skills in a live environment?

What is Amazon Alexa?

“Alexa” is Amazon’s cloud-connected, voice-activated virtual assistant.

Alexa can control a wide number of compatible smart home devices using voice commands. For instance, ask Alexa to turn the Bedroom lights on, and it will send that voice command to Amazon’s servers, translate it into an executable text command and pass it along to your Alexa-compatible smart bulbs.

Start with your first Alexa Skill:

Step 1:

To Build a Custom Skill:

First, you have to Sign in the Amazon Developer Console, you will find out the link below.

Create a New Skill:

To start the skill from the developer console and to open the new console and create a new skill.

1. Go to

2. Click Your Alexa Consoles and then click Skills. This opens the developer console and displays any skills you have already created.

3. Click Create Skill.

4. Enter the skill name and default language.

  • Skill name: This is the name customers will see when you publish the skill. You can edit this name later on the Distribution page.
  • Default language: You can add additional languages to the skill later.

5. Click the model you want to include.

  • Available model: Custom, Smart Home, Video, and Flash Briefing.

6. Create a New Skill. And select Start from scratch to create a new blank skill, then click Choose.

Step 2:

Build your Skill:

All the configuration options for your skill are available as links in the left-hand column of the Developer Console.In that we have interaction model, invocation, intents, slot types, Json editior, interface, Endpoints.

  1. Invocation

Provide the invocation name for your skill. This is the phrase users say to begin an interaction with your skill.

For Example: Alexa, open v.n.c. digital services

2. Intents

Create and edit your intentsslots, and sample utterances. An intent represents an action that fulfills a user’s spoken request.

3. JSON Editor

View and edit your interaction model for your skill in JSON format. You can make changes directly to the JSON and then click Save Model.

4. EndPoints

Specify the endpoint for your skill. Alexa sends requests to this endpoint when users invoke your skill.

Step 3:

Select the AWS Lambda ARN option and enter the ARN for your function in the Default Region. And we have create AWS Lambda ARN.

Creating Lambda Function:

  1. Create AWS Account, Click the below link and Sign in to the AWS Console.

On the top of the screen type Lambda in search box, and select the Lambda.

2. Click Create function and choose Browse serverless app repository.

3. Type alexa in search box and choose alexa-skills-kit-nodejs-factskill, and give a application skill name and Click Deploy.

4. Copy the ARN and Paste the ARN in Endpoint tab for the skill, and Save Endpoints.

5. In the amazon alexa console click Save model and Build model.

Step 4:

Test your Skill:

If the skill testing enabled is in off put it on the development mode.

search the invocation name in alexa simulator.

Step 5:

Define Skill Distribution and Availability:

You need to fill in these fields for each language your skill supports. The data entered here is displayed on the skill detail page in the skill store.

Preview Detail in the Alexa App:

When your skill in Live mode, it will shown into the alexa app.

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