We recently designed a ChatBot for a leading Automobile Giant.

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Wondering what Chatbot is?

It is an assistant that communicates with us through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers and helps entrepreneurs to get closer to customers. Besides, a tremendous speed of processing user’s requests with chat bots helps gaining customer’s loyalty. A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users,especially over the Internet.

And why Chatbot?

Chat bots are used in applications such as ecommerce customer service, call centers and Internet gaming. Chat bots are used when there is a same pattern of questions that the company needs to ask their each and every client, this is done by a robotic automated questions generating Chabot that helps to cut down extra manual work, high risks, low returns.

It’s the result of few recent hot technologies put together by our techies that made it possible to develop this project. Well, it all starts with our backend experts, using Spring Boot and to that our front end developers using Angular 6 made an interactive chat bot.
Somehow, interaction and business had to be made easy, so VNC then came up with Blueprism to make it robotic process automation (RPA).

How we developed a Chabot?

One of the Automobile Giant which has around1000 entities was finding difficulty to track the shipments coming from multiple vendors. They were using SAP system for the details. It was difficult to maintain multiple logins and heavy to fetch details. We suggested a solution, instead of creating multiple logins one Chabot using RPA will fetch all the required information from the servers.

We came up with a product where the Chabot was created using Spring boot for the server side coding, User Interface was developed by using Angular 6 and the process was automated(Robotic Process Automation) using Blue Prism.

Technical Specifications:

  • Spring Boot (3.9.5) has been used for the Server side coding
    It is very easy to integrate Spring Boot Application with its Spring Ecosystem like Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, and Spring Security etc.
  • Blue prism (6.0) for Robotic Process Automation
    Blue Prism is one of the widely used tool in process automation
  • Angular 6 for user interface
    Angular is way popular, dynamic, and most adaptable by the enterprises.

VNC Digital Services has been a pioneer in digitally transforming the businesses, bringing automation to the picture, helping organizations save manpower, effort and money, while easing out processes and showing more productive results. We are simply one of the highly experienced RPA Companies in India, having into our kitty a number of happy clients and long term partners. If you want to collaborate and understand how we can help you in easing out simple but time consuming processes, get in touch with our RPA Consultant today.

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