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The lazy in you will always love you to sit back laid in your couch and control everything in your sweet home. We would like to provide the same feeling and comfort on your fingertips. Our solution HOMEBOTIXTM  will serve the purpose.

Home automation can quickly bring the future in to our homes by incorporating security, climate, and household gadgets and transforms our regular home into a futuristic smart home. These smart home systems can be used for simple or elaborate tasks by integrating devices and gadgets inside and outside of your home.
A simple definition for home automation is the ability to do tasks automatically and monitor or change status remotely. Common tasks include turning off lights when no one is in the room, locking doors via smartphone, automates air condition systems that can sense and memorize temperature settings and appliances that help you reduce the time you spend in the kitchen.


A home automation system consists of a device which communicates to a gateway or a hub. The number of devices required in your home depends on the degree of control you wish to have in your home .This can be achieved by using DIY set up or full automation system.
Each device works with a protocol. Your choice of protocol will determine which products you can use in your system. Some of the most common protocols include:
Bluetooth — This is common for using a few devices from a computer or mobile device, and built into most smartphones.
Wi-Fi — Major number of home automation devices works on your wireless internet connection, connects into your wireless router.
Apart from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth protocols there are zig-bee and z-wave are available in the market. Both are wireless protocols which use mesh network to communicate. Each of these protocols should have a set of products that work with its technology.



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