Tech Talk – Protractor

Protractor plays an important role in the Testing of AngularJS applications and works as a Solution integrator combining powerful technologies like Selenium, Jasmine, Web driver, etc. It is intended not only to test AngularJS application but also for writing automated regression tests for normal Web Applications as well.

Most frameworks nowadays are simply a bundling of existing tools. They are an integrated tool set, but not very elegant. Angular is the next generation framework where each tool was designed to work with every other tool in an interconnected way. 

Automating the same needs a tool which understands the Angular design and this is where Protractor is a best fit. Protractor, formally known as E2E testing framework, is an open source functional automation framework designed specifically for AngularJS web applications.

Advantages of Protractor

  • It works as a solution integrator – combining powerful tools and technologies such as NodeJS, Selenium, webDriver, Jasmine, Cucumber and Mocha.
  • It has a bunch of customizations from Selenium to easily create tests for Angular applications.
  • As it is based on AngularJS concepts, that makes it easy to learn Protractor if you already know about AngularJS and vice versa.
  • Protractor allows tests to be organized based on Jasmine, thus allowing you to write both unit and functional tests on Jasmine.
  • It runs on real browsers and headless browsers.

Frameworks of Protractor

  • Jasmine
  • Mocha
  • Cucumber
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