An automated cloud based solution to manage hospitals and patient EHR


Enable Rapid Innovation with DevOps

The six core principles of DevOps practise are embedded into our genes which helps in rolling out your products quickly by creating a platform where Development and Operations go hand in hand

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Developers influence the pace of the project. After all, every business requires professionals with extensive know- how about everything from the back-end , a database to front-end.

IoT for smart , connected enterprise & home

VNC IoT platform makes the implementation of enterprise-wide connected IoT business seamless. By abstracting away the complexities in data acquisition, edge intelligence, device management, security, visualization, reporting and analytics.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our philosophy is delivering value from AI and ML, not just a fancy results presentation but tangible business impact. The platform is the manifestation of this, assisting data-scientists to build better machine learning models, faster and to take them from prototype to enterprise scale deployment in a few clicks.

Alexa Skills

Looking for Alexa Skills....our expertise with Lambda will help you to host your product on Alexa at a quick pace

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Testing as a Service model combines Tools, Process, Data, Technology and talent to deliver a quality product which includes modern web applications, mobile applications and API's.



Our deep domain expertise combined with the knowledge in PHP specific frameworks and libraries help you to fast pace your product delivery

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our AI/ML expertise embedded with RPA capabilities helps you in intelligent automation of digital workforce

You can operate code with Lambda for almost any implementation or back-end service-with zero management. Our expertise can set up your code to automatically trigger from other AWS services or call it directly from any web or mobile app.

Recruitment as a Service

Our expertise in finding right talent is unique as it is a blend of Technology expertise
and a rich recruitment experience

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You are here because you are up to solving something complex and creating a unique product. Take a first towards this journey by learning more about us.

About US

Who We Are

For us Monday’s are interesting and Fridays and weekends are boring..Silly right!! But we mean it. We are bunch of enthusiasts who feel we are here in this beautiful world to solve some of the complex problems using cutting edge technologies.

Team comes with a mix of technology experience which helps us in collaborating and developing something great. Try us to feel better.


What can we do for you?

Virtualization and Cloud computing are at the core of all that we do at VNC. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.

Any technology that makes users life simple , we have expertise in it. We understand that new technologies evolve to fix many of the complex problems and we learn and use them as torch bearers.To name a few , we have expertise in Cloud, DevOps, Test and Process Automation ,UI/UX and Web technologies.

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Partnership and Associations


Our Success Stories

We are happy to announce that we have successfully implemented a bot for one of our Hospital Management Application client. It interacts with Patients and Users over a Kiosk and answers to their queries and grievances.

It is an assistant that communicates with us through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers and helps entrepreneurs to get closer to customers.

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